The Rockford CAT944 is a small air compressor to use it is meant for home use. This compact unit is something that is easy to store in your garage and easy to use in your home. Inside the box is the compressor CAT944, 25 ‘shock tubes, 2 nozzle, inflation needle, coupler female, male plug, and a couple of hex wrenches. It’s a low-cost option that has some restrictions on use.

Rockford CAT944 Air Compressor Review


The Rockford CAT944 has gallon tank with a size that is easy to tote around. It is one of the lightest air compressor reviews on the market, as the base is not made of cast iron. The whole unit weighs about 16 pounds, if not a little less. It means for stapling, air brushing and pumping tires and toys.


When airflow at 90 PSI is an only 0.4 CFM, the CAT944 only enough power for the purposes of inflation and for a few small air tools. 100 PSI maximum pressure gauges and placed in an easy to read locations. It has an electric motor energy efficient and can be plugged into a standard power without tripping breakers. It is easy to use both inside and outside.


Rockford compressor has an oil engine less, so you do not need to worry about running out of lubricant. This model is meant to be low to no maintenance. If any problems arise during use and the compressor needs repair, you will be better off simply getting a new air compressor (and different).

Noise levels

The noise level on compressor is quite high (85-90 decibels), but sub-par with other $ 100 compressors.

For who

The Rockford CAT944 right to use the house. It has no power or longevity for work the contractor and will be pretty much useless at a job site. It does the job of tire inflation and blow up pool toys and the like. The spray paint, computer repair, or different interests can find more adaquete compressors.


  • Cheap
  • Very light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a full kit, ready for use in the box
  • No maintenance


  • Cheap!
  • Not enough for the most powerful actions
  • Shoddy construction
  • The tanks are easier to puncture
  • Easily flip compared to other models

Final judgment on Rockford CAT944 Compressors

The Rockford CAT944 is the perfect example of a portable air compressor cheap with limited use. The full set of accessories on this unit makes it very user friendly and you may have all you need to get going as soon as you open the box. While many people will be attracted by a super low price of it, it is best to look elsewhere. Campbell Hausfeld Even cheaper are 209 499 would be a better option is the least of a quality which is better.

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