The 18 gauge brad nailer are one of the most popular sizes of nails for wood industry … mainly by using a means that you have enough grip after all. It is also widely used as a goto to bring up the trim. Since just about every manufacturer under the sun to make one of my research to bring you the consensus of the carpenter on the street.

18 Gauge Brad Nailer

The 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Showdown

Top 5 uses of Brad nailer:

I copied the list from an article in the Journal of Wood – for me it helped to outline the main application of a brad nailer as opposed to, say, a framing nailer example.

  • ¬†Free up sandwiched in a short time. Apply glue and clamp assembly, punch in a few brads to secure business, and reclaim your clip immediately next to the glue-up.
  • Speedy, glueless assembly. You can assemble birdhouses and other crafts in no time flat. Cabinet backs go in a flash.
  • Do not stack alternating sticky. Instead of using double-sided tape to hold the workpiece to stack cutting on a bandsaw or scrollsaw, tack them together with brads shot in the waste sector.
  • Strengthen the mitered joints. End-grain to end grain joints, such as the mitered corners of the frame, stronger when strengthened by a steel fastener.
  • Less segregation. A small diameter of brad and speed of penetration reduces the possibility of splitting, even in small moldings and fragile embryo without predrilling.

***More information about brad nailer at the website

From brad nailers for $100 or less in the Journal of Wood

The brad nailer discrimination: is it cheating?

I never knew this until I started researching brad nailers, but apparently some people think Norm Abram is one less dependent on their brad nailer. Moreover, if you are using a brad nailer you, well, you’re cheating. This is a minority position, but obviously it’s a vocal minority. Anyways, here’s a poll brad nailer from Sawmill Creek humor, followed by a great quote regarding the morality of the brad nailer.

This quote from Todd Burch Creeker sums it up nicely: “My advice would be that if you are re-creating a museum, using what was originally used. If not, take more time for home your family and get a brad nailer! ”

Note on Electronic Brad nailers …

Do not use them. As an overall category they received poor assessment and comments in several different topics I visited. Specifically at Sawmill Creek: Electric Brad nailers – Any Good? That said, I find a professional in Lumber Jocks raving about $ 300 + Dewalt 18 Gauge 2 “Cordless Brad nailer – Dewalt DC608K:”. I will officially retire my compressor when installed in the field, “your mileage may vary when it comes to electric brad nailers.

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