Things To Consider Before Buying a Finish NailerThere are so many models to choose from stud end on the market. But these are important considerations in purchasing a finish nailer:

Design: The design of the finish nailer should allow you to keep the unit even for a long time. Best finish nailer should fit well in the hand of the user.

Exhaust: Best Finish nailers have a good exhaust mechanism. This feature keeps dust and debris in check, especially when you are working in a dusty area. A good exhaust system to direct dust and debris from the operator.

Dry fire lock: This feature prevents the nail when it is empty. It can prevent misfiring or accident. It usually kicks in when there are a few nails left in the magazine. Most nailers ended today with a dry flame unlock system that allows users to see how much of the remaining nails and replace them when necessary.

Selectable trigger: Best Finish nailers have a trigger option, which allows the operator to switch from sequential to contact fire mode, and vice versa. This makes the unit more reliable and easier to use.

15 Gauge or 16 Gauge: When choosing the best finish nailers, basically you have to choose between the models support 15-gauge and 16-meter fingernails. Later smaller diameter and can therefore penetrate a piece of thin wood is easy. It has been used for many years and still is a reliable nail.

On the other hand, 15 new nail relative measurement. But they are becoming the choice for many woodmakers. 15 nails measured a larger diameter nail 16 measurements. Pros and hobbyists like it because there is basically no chance that the nail will be twisted.

Straight or angled: nailers angle is better because they can get into areas tigher lot better than straight nailers.

Weight and Balance: The unit should be lightweight but strong enough to hold in the long run.

Warranty and support: longer warranty period, the better.

Best finish nails brands in the market

You will not go wrong when you choose a finish nailer from any of these brands:

Bostitch: The company has been around for many years. Its finish nailers are equipped with smart technology Point patents that facilitates easy placement as well as nail released to remove the nail jam quickly.

Dewalt: Dewalt finish nailers are known for quality construction and their good accuracy. The company has both pneumatic and electric models.

Makita: The company is popular for quality nailers completed its affordable but good.

Hitachi: A brand of its finish nailers are air duster integrated dust removal and debris from the operator. It usually gives a fiveyear warranty on its products.

Paslode: The company offers strong finish nailers and mobile. It has been in business since 1935.

Senco: Senco nailers also known for strong finish and its accuracy.

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